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In here you’ll find information regarding Our Style, Pre-wedding sessions, FAQ’s, Pricing, Booking, and AWESOME Guides just for you!


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Dan Page Photography, Utah Wedding Photographer

Our Style

We feel our style is bold, colorful, and timeless. A little bit of class mixed with adventure. We believe in capturing authentic images and moments that represent you as a couple. We also believe in keeping true to color and giving you a final product that you will look back on and love for generations to come. Each session and wedding that we photograph, we take to heart and want to create an experience for you that you will forever remember. From the first time you talk with us until the end of your wedding day it should be an experience like none you’ve had before. As you can tell we like to be out in nature and photograph you on a little adventure. We won’t hike 6 miles, but love finding the adventures close to where you live.

We love to be fun and playful with our sessions but we also create images and pose you in a way that makes you comfortable and create something that will look amazing throughout the years. We play your favorite music with our sessions, and help you get comfortable as you usually don’t have your picture taken every day.

We shoot film alongside our digital images, which helps us slow down and really focus on creating memorable and long lasting art. We love the color and emotion that comes from film. The process helps us really think about each image we take. Most of the images you see and stand out are film, film is an add-on for wedding days, but is included in pre-wedding sessions.

We truly believe in creating an experience that you will not forget. We want to become your friends and be along to capture your love story. Hopefully this information below will help direct you through our process!

Pre-Wedding Sessions

Engagement Sessions are the perfect way for us to get to know you. It’s also the best way for you to get comfortable with us, our shooting style, and to being in front of the camera. The wedding day can be very formal, this session is designed and meant to be casual, fun, relaxed, and easy going. Allowing us to really capture the love of you both as you are. Engagement Sessions are included for FREE with all collections!

Bridal Sessions are the best way to capture beautiful images of you both in your wedding day attire before the day itself. Leaving it open for prints to be displayed on the wedding day and for you to go to a unique/high adventure location that we can’t access on the wedding day. Usually the wedding day leaves little to no room for formal portraits. This opens up your day so that you can focus on the important events. Bridal or Formal sessions are meant to include the couple and can include a first look at no cost to you. Most of our collections include a Bridal Session.

Adventure Sessions

An adventure session is where we would follow you on a fun trip, vacation, outing where you’d like killer images of your adventure together! We will help you through the whole process, from planning, scouting, and travel with you usually for a day or two.

These sessions are completely on a quote by quote basis, but these sessions do start at $800 including travel within Utah.

All quotes sent would include permits, fees, associated with getting into special access areas like Antelope Canyon, the Wave, and other permitted locations in the U.S.A. and abroad.


Pinch and Zoom if Needed

If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to reach out through our contact form.

Dan Page Photography, Utah Wedding Photographer

Consult & Booking

Consults are a huge part of the process to book your wedding. During the consult we will get to know each other better, understand what you envision for your wedding day, what current plans are in place, go through your pre-wedding sessions if you have any and discuss how we can help capture your love story! The consult is a free session that is included for anyone who comes to talk to us about covering very special and monumental days in their lives. It can be done in-person or via Skype/Facetime. We prefer being able to see each other!

Booking comes when our wedding contract is signed and the retainer of $500 is paid in full for the wedding date. Everything is done online and is streamlined to be stress-free!



Pricing is based on a collection or a la carte. Minimum of 4 hours is required for Al La Carte Booking. Additional Hours are $350/hour

Wedding Collections start at $3000 within Utah (bridals, wedding day, prints/album)

Stateside Weddings start at $3500

International Weddings start at $4000

Elopements start at $2500 for 4 hours minimum

Travel is not included in pricing, but is included in all quotes sent.