Wedding Collections


There are lots of wedding photographers out there!

I believe that the photographer you hire should be able to meet your needs and expectations

without absolutely breaking the bank!


I believe that there are 4 main reasons why I STAND OUT among the current Utah wedding photographers.


1. I get portraits back in 2 weeks or less, Weddings are returned on your One Month Anniversary! 

  • First off, this is unprecedented!! No one gets high quality, professionally edited pictures back this fast!

2. I have a unique, high adventure feel to my photos. 

  • I love to go on little excursions with you and I can take you wherever you want to go and I can show you unique and fun places that no other photographer is willing to go.

  • If you book with me, your dress will probably get a little dirty and you might sweat a little and we will probably go on an adventure or two but I promise...........IT WILL BE WORTH IT!

3. I am a hybrid shooter.

  • I use various 35mm and 120mm Film Cameras with various color and black and white film stocks alongside my digital camera. 

  • I will add in film and film scans into the cost of your wedding.

4. Why is film amazing? and why do I shoot hybrid?

  • Truer to life color and the feel of the photograph is unmatched, I love the grain!

  • I LOVE NATURAL LIGHT. It's the best thing, especially for film. It's dynamic range is wonderful and allows me to really push myself creatively. 

  • There is a price for each shot and so it forces me to really look at what I'm shooting and get an amazing photograph without overshooting everything. 


Every Purchase is subject to 6.75% Utah State sales tax.